company-info-pageD & D was established in September of 1976 by Donald & Dorothy Miller.

D & D Grain originated when Donald (Doc) Miller bought a grain cleaner from an acquaintance and began cleaning oats. Transporting the "cleaned" oats to Kentucky and returning home with distillers initially led Doc into the trucking industry and eventually led to the expansion of his business. When Doc Miller decided to enlarge the trucking side of his business, he knew he would need full time employees. One of those employees, John Miller, came on board with ideas and plans of his own. John's prior experience made him a perfect fit for the needs of the trucking operation at D & D Ingredient Distributors, Inc. John possessed his CDL, and a knowledge of trucking. He started dispatching for D & D, and over time, became the President of D & D Trucking and Services. As President, he oversees all bulk transportation and trucking services for D & D. D & D Trucking and Services presently maintains a fleet of approximately 20 trucks, employs numerous drivers, and provides services for areas of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky. D & D has the bulk equipment customers need such as Hopper Trailers, Pneumatic Trailers, and Van Trailers ranging from 48'to 53'. D & D Trucking and Services has terminal access to a railway, cross docking, and direct access to a specialty grinding and packaging facility. D & D strives to maintain customer satisfaction by addressing its customers' needs, providing excellent service, and fostering excellent communication.